24 Mar 2010

Ralph Bakshi 's The Lord of the Rings On Blu-Ray

Warner Bros. Studios are about to release Ralph Bakshi 's The Lord of the Rings Animated Deluxe Edition on Blu-Ray disk . Story goes that soon after the publication of the book, offers to make a film began to come in. At the time Professor Tolkien decided that he would accept only offers that provided a respectable treatment of his original work . I personally believe that one of the greatest strength of Tolkien's writings comes from its realism ; Tolkien had this incredible talent that transformed words into images, and animation is probably not the ideal media when it comes to portray Middle-earth. In 1978 Ralph Bakshi's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings was originally released and came in for some strong criticism from Tolkien's fans all over the world. Although the film is quite faithful to the book, several important parts were left out. Production of this movie came to an end when Bakshi run out of money and famously cut the film short at the battle of Helm Deep with a very misleading voice over announcement that the ' from Middle-Earth. causing huge upset to Tolkien's fans. In the movie Pipping and Merry simply disappear with Treebeard, while Frodo and Sam's journey to Mordor is cut short with no explanation . By the end of the film the attempts of cost-cutting are evident, which is a real shame.

Although badly received, Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings is still something that its worth viewing today. Somehow I feel Bakshi really wanted to do more but he was simply not given enough money to do so ( or was maybe too ambitious) . One of the striking features of this animated version is the use of 'rotoscoping' a process in which animation is overlaid onto real action scenes, to achieve higher realism.Although this film has fallen short in the eyes of many and was not a commercial success , credit must be given to Bakshi for his attempt and his vision .