10 Mar 2010

Tall Men With Clipboard in Matamata - The Shire is Coming Back! (Updated)

Leaving MGM financial predicaments aside, time to get back to The Shire which is a much happier place to be, if you ask any respectable hobbit. So apparently something is coming....Galadriel would say : "...I feel it in the waters...". Tall men armed with big clipboards have been spotted around Hobbiton (Matamata-New Zealand) in the last few days (source: onering.net) . Hobbit holes were inspected, Party tree was hugged, grass 'green-ness' and sky 'blue-ness' approved. Always a good sign when tall folks with clipboards go around looking very tall and very professional. Maybe a little clue the pre-production phase of The Hobbit is about to end and production (filming) to start? We cannot tell yet, casting has to be announced first of course, but I am sure things are moving...even if only at hobbit speed...which is famously not very fast but very steady. Later this year I will be visiting Matamata (and all The Lord of the Rings film locations), hopefully I'll be able to give you first-hand reports of any hobbit-sighting then :) UPDATE: I am getting from very reliable sources in New Zealand that the reconstruction of the Hobbit holes in Matamata is due to start this coming Monday. If work goes under way , I would expect the cast to be announced soon as reconstruction is a clear indication the pre-production phase has ended and production (filming) is about to start :)