6 Mar 2010

Through Pierre Vinet's Eyes - Middle-Earth Forever

Although his face and his name may seem unfamiliar to some, Pierre Vinet was ( and forever will be) the man that with his camera captured the magic and enchantment of Peter Jackson's Middle-Earth for posterity. It has now been confirmed (source) that Pierre Vinet has passed away. Through his eyes and with his camera Pierre forged and created the many iconic images of Middle-Earth we learned to love. A man with a passion, Pierre Vinet worked as a still photographer on several film productions, including Peter Jackson's King Kong ,The Chronicles of Narnia , Sean Astin's The Long and Short of It and many more. His last assignment was on the set of The Water Horse in 2007. I am reading that he was a kind, fun-loving person and that he liked to hug people and call them 'friends', this does not surprise me because these qualities do show through his many photographs taken on the Lord of the Rings set. In thanking Pierre for all he gave to the world through his eyes and camera I want to pass my deepest condolences to Pierre Vinet's family and friends at this sad time. He has now crossed the Great Sea Into The West...May he forever Rest In Peace.