15 Apr 2010

Across The Mountains And Pass The Sea (a Hobbit Poem)

Once I'd climbed the garden wall
And there one oak tree wise and tall

Once I climbed the old and wise tree
And a green and grassy hill I'd see

Once I walked on green grassy hill
Far pass the green, a larger mountain still

Once I climbed the mountain proud and steep
Far pass the snow, the ocean broad and deep

And in the distance I could see a little bay
With white ships sailing far...far away.

A new adventure may wait for me
Across the mountains and pass the sea

But then remembered and turned my back
And went down slowly the mountain track.

Soon I was back on the small hill
And saw the oak tree smaller still

Round doors and smiles by the warm fire
There ....but Back Again in my old Shire!

(a poem by a small Hobbit)

(art by Tari Terrell)