19 Apr 2010

Adorable Fan Made Bag End - Make Me Tiny....Make Me Small

The creativity and passion of Tolkien's fans never stops to amaze me. There is something so unique and special about the Middle-Earth stories that makes people do the most incredible things. Maddie Chambers from Chesterfield, Derbyshire has just spent a whole year working on the most adorable Bag End miniature house, metro.co.uk is reporting . Started as a college course project, 'recreating' Bag End soon took over all her spare time and the result is simply stunning. Its definitely a 'labour of love', a highly detailed version of Bilbo and Frodo's home interior and exterior with hand-made furniture, picture, maps lighting, Hobbit food and more. On her blog you can see a full series of wonderful pictures of Bag End and read her story. Make me tiny...make me small, I so want to live in this adorable Hobbit house.

(source: metro.co.uk)