13 Apr 2010

Elijah Wood + The Apples in Stereo' Dance Floor = One Adorable and Fun Video

I was about to say 'Once a Hobbit...always a Hobbit' but Elijah Wood is much more then that...although I am quite sure he is proud to be 'Forever Frodo' :). The Indie pop band The Apples in Stereo just released a new video for "Dance Floor," the first single from their newest album, Travellers in Space and Time featuring Elijah Wood.

This video is a 'must see' , adorable in a very 'Hobbitish' way. Elijah looking a bit bewildered produces a superb little performance and a great song does help to create a unique fun mix.

Look out for the references to The Lord of The Rings in the video ;)

Enjoy! :)