1 Apr 2010

EXCLUSIVE : The Real Reason Behind 'The Hobbit' Delay (April's Fool)

UPDATE: April's Fool but I laughed so much when I was writing this one. Considering the latest delay in filming I am quite sure that beard will be a very 'respectable' beard by the time finally filming start....keep up the good brushing Sir Ian :)

Recently we learned that MGM financial problems were behind the delay of filming for 'The Hobbit' . Once Upon A Hobbit's sources however have uncovered the 'real' reason behind the delay which apparently has nothing to do with 3D nor with MGM 's debts....its all about one beard! To save money on make-up and to create a more 'realistic' look for Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen has been asked to grow his own beard and filming will not start until Gandalf's beard is considered ready for the task ahead ...this of course may take several more months. Ian McKellen has been provided with a special products, vitamins and instructions on how to care for his growing beard.

"I've been asked to brush the beard every morning , before my shower. I also take daily multivitamins and eat well. One thing I like about this regime is that I've been asked to relax as that helps hair grow...apparently. If all goes well the beard should be ready by the end of the year..." McKellen revealed to our sources.

It is extremely important for the beard to look 'real' , Gandalf can be a wizard but he is also a traveller hence he need to look a bit grubby ...there is no hand-cream or hair-gel in Middle-earth. More discussions are still underway concerning Gandalf's eyebrows but our sources are quite adamant that the eyebrows will not trigger a further delay :)