14 Apr 2010

Gandalf Is Not Amused By 'Wellywood' Sign Plans

Sir Ian McKellen has joined a growing number of people opposing plans put forward by Wellington Airport to build a very controversial 'Wellywood' sign in Wellington .

"I think that would be a very odd sign to put up. It isn't like New Zealand film-makers want to be like the American film industry – they absolutely don't."(stuff.co.nz)

Plans for the very controversial sign were unveiled in recent weeks however a public poll in Wellignton shows that 80% of people asked believe building the Hollywood-style sign is 'tacky'. Wellington Airport has agreed to reconsider and look at other options. I think its very important for the citizens of Wellington to have a say on this matter. Personally I am not a huge fan of a 'copy' of an other famous sign. I believe New Zealand has enough unique talent and originality to be able to offer something new, fresh and 100% made in New Zealand :)

(source: stuff.co.nz)