4 Apr 2010

Guillermo Del Toro On Waiting For A 'Hobbitish' Green Light...

Director Guillermo del Toro talks about The Hobbit delay on the onering.net forums which he visit from time to time. In his post Guillermo does confirm what we already suspect concerning The Hobbit delay. Del Toro actually confirms what I've been hinting lately : MGM troubles does indeed have an impact on The Hobbit which will not get a green light until the MGM issue is solved. Without a full 'green light' no actors can be signed. MGM 's situation is keeping the keys of Middle-earth in their pockets and The Hobbit locked away. In my opinion this is very unfair, especially for Guillermo del Toro...mind you, its better to be locked away with a Hobbit then with an Orc , but still I am sure you get my point.

-NO delays have been caused by “discussing” or “adapting” 3-D.
-Can’t close deals with actors without a green light.
-Can’t give a green light to the project when one of the studios is
going through a “to be or not to be” auction moment.

For good or bad this project has demanded for so much to be solved
before it gets going. So, the Phil Connors syndrome is met with great

(the onering.net )

Hold on in there Guillermo. The situation is frustrating for fans and I know it must be frustrating for you and all the others involved in the project. As I said before I believe the time has come for MGM to start thinking about selling the Legal Rights of The Hobbit as I do find extremely unfair that Tolkien fans all over the world and people involved in the making of the movie are kept in this kind of limbo and waiting for the light to change from red to green. We can wake up every morning and relive the same day over and over again ....let The Hobbit go MGM....please.