11 Apr 2010

The Johnny Vegas's Connection - Is Johnny Vegas On His Way To Middle-Earth?

People outside the U.K. have probably never heard his name, but Johnny Vegas is a very popular British stand-up comedian and actor best known for his silly rants, very chubby (almost Hobbitish) figure, husky voice and love for Guinness beer. Back in January this year I did chose him as one of my 'Dream Team' actors for The Hobbit, back then I thought he would been perfect for the role of the dwarf BOMBUR which is the fat dwarf who is often messing things up in The Hobbit. In Mirkwood, he falls into the stream of forgetfulness and falls to sleep for many days. His companions must carry him. When he wakes, he has forgotten everything since they left the home of Bilbo. Johnny Vegas has been chatting to coventrytelegraph.net revealing his great interest in acting and landing a role in Guillermo del Toro's two-part adaptation of The Hobbit.

"I've given up the milk run, hopefully you'll see us acting in stuff. The Hobbit! Please the Hobbit! I was so close in Lord Of The Rings..."

Vegas also revealed that he had in fact auditioned in the past for the role of Sam Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy , and was incredibly called back by Peter Jackson, but the night before he was due to go for the second audition he had a gig where the microphone broke and ended up shouting and loosing his voice completely.

"They probably thought I was rubbish anyway.I went through a few months of getting drunk and emailing the official site saying it should have been me." (coventrytelegraph.net)

I don't know how he would been as Samwise Gamgee however I do believe he could be a great dwarf in The Hobbit . Wishing him the best of luck, it would be great to see him in Middle-Earth . Happy ...you never know maybe at least one of my original 'Dream Team' cast post could make it to the Shire :)

(source: coventrytelegraph.net)
(Once Upon A Hobbit's Dream Team post)