13 Apr 2010

Let It Be Dragons! James A.Owen's Books Are A Gift For Tolkien's Fans

THR is reporting that screenwriter Travis Adam Wright is writing a screen adaptation for James A. Owen's first two books in the series "The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica" which is an incredible series of fantasy novels . The story unravels around a Secret Book containing unpublished maps and journals never seen before of greatest adventure and fantasy writers, including young J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and others going on an adventure that will inspire their future writing .

"[Owen Books are] the best gift any fanboy of Tolkien, Lucas and Spielberg could receive. Here is a character-driven franchise that is both familiar and fresh, where wit and intelligence, not just rifles and regiments, win the day." Wright told THR.

James A. Owen's 'Geographica' is indeed an incredible adventure, a sort of magical 'prequel' in the personal life of out favorite fantasy authors. Warner Bros. bought the book rights back in 2006 and now work is beginning on the screenplay .The Lord of the Rings trilogy co-producer Rick Porras is also involved in the production and Once Upon A Hobbit shall keep a close eye on this 'work-in-progress'.

(source : THR)