19 Apr 2010

Lord Of The Rings Blu-Ray Sweet Sweeptakes From Warner Bros. (US)

With the release of the theatrical version The Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray, Warner Bros is offering the chance to Tolkien's fans and movie enthusiasts in the US to win some sweet sweeptakes .
The Lord of the Rings™ Collector Chess Set Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes he encounters throughout his amazing journey. An ancient map of Middle-earth is mounted below the playing surface, and the base features actual images of the memorable characters and scenes from the thrilling New Line Cinema motion picture. The 32 playing pieces are precise miniature sculptures in fine pewter of the actual cast members and each likeness is so realistic-they were personally approved by the individual actor. Board measures 15" by 15".The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and a Sony Playstation 3 gaming console.

The Lord of the Rings™ Quest for the Ring. The Ringwraiths, or Black Riders are the nine Servants of Sauron. Once Kings of Men, the Ringwraiths ride through Middle-Earth on an unending search to find the One Ring and reunite it with the Dark Lord, Sauron. Measuring approximately 7 inches in height, this piece is a must for collectors and new fans of the Lord of the Rings™ film trilogy. Ring suspended in the center of sphere.The Lord of the Rings™ My Precious The one ring is suspended in the center of the sphere that rests in front of Gollum. Tempting and close, yet unattainable. Crafted in cold cast porcelain and fine pewter. Measures approximately 7 inches in height. .The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray Disc and a Sony Playstation 3 gaming console.

Second and third prize are Warner Bros.Shop gift certificates.
So if you live in the US here is your chance to win these sweet Lord of the Rings sweeptakes ...go and get the goodies lucky Hobbits ...remember to share the good news :)