21 Apr 2010

Lord Of The Rings Online - Warner Bros. Acquires 'Precious' Turbine Inc.

Boston based Turbine Inc. , the game development company behind my favorite game The Lord of the Rings Online, has just been acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc., boston.com is reporting. By getting Turbine, Warner Bros. has secured total control over the most 'Precious' Tolkien's gaming franchise which means all future video games based on author J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels. Turbine holds an exclusive license to make an Internet-based game based on the books, while last year, Warner Bros. won a license to make non-Internet-based Tolkien video games. "We will, for sure, in the future expand that platform to much more new product," said President of Warner Bros. Martin Tremblay .

The news is coming just a few days before the 3th Anniversary of the launch of The Lord of the Rings Online, one of the most successful Internet-based, multi-player adventure games created by Turbine. Warner Bros. is making all the right moves to ensure full control over the 'Precious' Tolkien gaming franchise which is good news considering their involvent with The Hobbit movie.

(source: The Boston Globe - boston.com)