22 Apr 2010

(Middle) Earth Day 2010

April 22 is a day to raise awareness and appreciation of planet earth, the environment and all the issues surrounding them. Hobbitishly speaking, these are indeed subjects very close to the Hobbit's heart, which is no surprise considering J.R.R. Tolkien's 'green' credentials. Professor Tolkien was very fond of unspoiled nature and often spoke about his dislike for what he called the 'Robot Age'. Development and technology have brought humanity closer then ever and yet often we try to 'escape' from 'present-time' and all the self-inflicted misery humans seem so happy to engage in. The beauty of a simple and rural Hobbit way of life seem so appealing and safe in contrast with all the noise and poverty, injustice, sadness and death around. What can I do to change things ? Can one little Hobbit make a difference and save (Middle) Earth? Of course! Once upon a time one little Hobbit climbed on the top of Mt Doom and saved his world. Modern life can't be reversed and no one would want to do such a thing, however its important to remember we have a duty of care and that Earth does not belong to us, we are simply 'entrusted' to look after it for those who will come.

Hobbits don't take for granted the tree at the bottom of their garden will always be there just because its been there since they can remember. Hobbits treasure the 'seed' as much as they love the tree because it is the tiny seed that can be replanted in the earth. The small seed is not less beautiful or less important then the mighty oak tree. Every small action we take daily have an effect of the world around us, no matter how insignificant we think they are. By wasting less, recycling more and live our life more in harmony with nature we can make a big difference and paint a new and more beautiful leaf on the (Middle) Earth tree :)

Happy (Middle) Earth Day 2010 !