8 Apr 2010

Richard Taylor On The Hobbit, Middle-Earth And Lord Of The Rings

Weta workshop president Richard Taylor has been chatting with hollywoodnews.com this week about the release on Blu-Ray of the theatrical version of The Lord of the Rings, about his work at Weta and about The Hobbit. Funny things about this interview is that Taylor makes very clear from the start he had not seen the Blu-Ray version of the movies , and that nor he or Weta was involved in the re-mastering project or any discussions on how the movies are re-marketed over the years, still its a nice chat about the works Weta is currently doing and have done in the past.

To me the most important part of the interview comes when he talks about The Hobbit, of course. When asked if the new Blu-Ray is out to help 'rekindle' his energy and enthusiasm to work for Middle-Earth again, he is adamant there is no need of such thing as 'rekindling'. Weta IS in Middle-Earth every day, surrounded by the magnificent props they made , they are the same people that worked on The Lord of the Rings, and although the movies are now history they are part of the very existence of Weta.
"...We’ve built a place called the WETA cave, which is a little store and a min-theaterette and a mini-museum, and that brings a huge number of Lord of the Rings enthusiasts to the facility. We get to interact with those people a great deal, and therefore they want to know about the films and what part we played in them, and that’s a very enjoyable opportunity to be a part of an ongoing discussion of those films." (hollywoodnews.com)
Working on The Hobbit is not like working on something completely new....Middle-Earth is there, door slightly opened ...one can just make up the Shire, all that is needed is for the door to fully open and Weta will pick up from where they left a few years ago. With the framework already in place will come new challenges in adding new elements and creatures in The Hobbit which will make Middle-Earth feel fresh and exciting. You can read the full interview with Richard Taylor here.