20 Apr 2010

Update From Matamata - Rebuilding Hobbiton In Style

A little update on the work underway in Matamata on the reconstruction of Hobbiton movie set in preparation for The Hobbit. The Matamata Chronicle and stuff.co.nz are reporting reconstruction on 38 Hobbit Holes is well under way and every day that passes Hobbiton is coming back to life. All details about filming are not to be released and kept secret and tourists visiting the site are asked to sign a legal contract in which they agree not to sell their pictures of the construction site. Although still covered by plastic sheeting , it takes really little imagination to see Hobbiton coming back to life. Some of the Hobbit holes that were filled after The Lord of the Rings Trilogy have now been re-dug. New hedges, flowers beds and fruit trees have been already positioned , incredibly some tourists are helping themselves to the pears....understandable as Hobbitton pears are the sweetest one can find in the Four Farthings. Across the Waters ,Hobbiton Mill and the stone bridge are also taking shape. Matamata site is really kind of unique, said Hobbiton media and communications manager Ian Brodie, Matamata/Hobbiton is a major movie site and yet it remains open to the public. Once rebuilt, the set will look exactly as it looked in The Lord of the Rings and I cant wait to see it on my visit to New Zealand as by then it will probably be completed...looking forward to my visit to Matamata...I mean Hobbiton :)

(source: Matamata Chronicle and stuff.co.nz )