20 May 2010

Call Me Bill (Bailey), I Shall Be Your Dwarf !

It was back in January this year, it was snowing heavily and I was stuck at home when I decided to write a post entitled The Hobbit Movie 'DREAM TEAM' Cast (Something to do when it's snowing in the Shire) . In that entry I had fun picking some of my favorite actors and comedians whom I believe would be great for The Hobbit . One of my choices was English stand-up comedian, musician and actor Bill Bailey and guess what? Bill Bailey has now told The Dominion Post (stuff.co.nz) he has auditioned for the part of Gloin, father of Gimli in The Hobbit. Bill is about to travel to New Zealand with his comedy show Bill Bailey Live which will be in Wellington on June 24 , just six days before Sir Ian McKellen which will take the stage with Waiting for Godot. Pure coincidence or something more ? Are actors shortlisted or already chosen going to be in New Zealand around the same time just by chance or there is something more they are not telling us...yet? I am over the moon to learn that one of my 'DREAM TEAM' has auditioned . Bill Bailey would be a fantastic dwarf so I shall keep my fingers and hairy toes crossed for him :)

And for those of you not familiar here is a Bill 'want-to-be-a-dwarf' Bailey performing at the Royal Gala in London. Enjoy!

(source: stuff.co.nz)