9 May 2010

Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield United In Charity

And in the meantime....while we wait for The Hobbit movie, here is a little piece of (very nice) news concerning Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield. As we already know Sir Ian McKellen will reprise his role as Gandalf in The Hobbit however maybe a bit less known is the fact that Scottish actor Brian Cox has been linked to the very important role of Thorin Oakenshield. Both Award-winning actors Brian Cox, Sir Ian McKellen volunteered their time in aid of Age UK in the Charity’s first ever TV ads which aim to rally support and help for people in later life. Seeing them united together even in this completely differed contest does reinforce my believe that Brian Cox would be a fantastic Thorin Oakenshield alongside Sir Ian McKellen.

The pair have worked together before and have been friends for many years, I do believe Brian Cox would be the best choice for Thorin which is one of the main characters in The Hobbit. So while we patiently wait to go back to Middle-Earth via the new cinematic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's novel why not do a bit of charity ? Age UK is the new force combining Age Concern and Help the Aged and is a powerful voice for people in later life who help over five million people every year with free information and advice, and practical support and raise awareness of age-related issues to make later life better for older people, both in the UK and abroad....don't be afraid to help just like one old wizard and one old dwarf did :)

(Gandalf) Sir Ian McKellen Age UK Video
(Thorin Oakenshield) Brian Cox Age UK Video