18 May 2010

Hobbit-Style House With An African Twist

Jay Emery , originally from South-Africa but now based in the UK, was well aware of the housing crisis the Third-World faces in the 21st century , so after a bit of thinking he came up with a remarkably simple but clever idea inspired by hobbits (of course) and traditional South African Zulu houses. Built by Jay and his company Dingley Dell Enterprises Ltd in glass-fibre and reinforced with concrete, the structure is light but strong and also eco-friendly as it contains 80% less concrete then normal buildings. The cute little hobbit-like houses can be used in the garden as an extra office or a Middle-Earth retreat but Jay has big plans for these little structure. The company has entered a competition to raise £50,000 for a pilot project in South Africa which he hopes will help achieve his vision of building 30 dome homes for an AIDS orphanage and the hope is that other agencies around the Third- World will start using the simple hobbit-style house to help people that are without a proper home. Hobbit-like homes could well be the simple answer to a big problem , well done Jay and good luck! :)

(source: Sky News)