16 May 2010

The Imaginarium Of Gollum

It all started on the number 273 bus many years ago. It was on this bus at the age of eight that Andy Serkis first met Gollum while reading The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien on his way to school. The name 'Gollum' remained on the back of his mind just to resurface many years later when Andy's agent phoned him to ask if he would be interested in auditioning for a role in a new movie called The Lord of the Rings , and I guess we all know the rest of this story. As Andy put it...."The world is changing...I can feel it in the pixels." There are movies BG (Before Gollum) and movies AG (After Gollum). With The Lord of the Rings computer-generated characters and motion-capture took center stage and these techniques are here to stay. As Peter Jackson's Trilogy and Andy's performance as Gollum demonstrated CGI (computer-generated imagery) can be used together with traditional film making tools and actors and the results are incredible. Acting in the role of Gollum and wearing special-effects like conventional actors wear costumes, inspired Andy Serkis to use his experience into a brand new studio called The Imaginarium to teach and develop the new skills he has perfected since his last visit as Gollum in Middle-Earth in The Lord of the Rings. The brand new London-based project will be commercial as well as used for educational purposes. The idea is to work closely not only with actors and the movie industry but also with theatre and live events, advertisers,and video games developers. From the imagination of Tolkien to 'The Imaginarium' of Gollum via the talent of Andy Serkis thanks to the visions of Peter Jackson does sound good to me. Looking forward to see Andy/Gollum back in Middle-Earth in The Hobbit :)

The Imaginarium