8 May 2010

The Lion, The Key, And The Hobbit Hole -MGM Saga's Latest

"In a hole in the ground somewhere nice in Middle-Earth there lived a hobbit. This hobbit was very keen on starting a brand new cinematic adventure and his name was LIMBO Baggins. Mr Baggins was ready , his bags were neatly packed with plenty of food, he had his walking stick, his pocket handkerchief, and enough pipe-weed to last a month or two but the green round door of his hole remained locked from the outside and he was unable to leave the premises. Not even Gandalf's rather magical intervention was not enough to free LIMBO Baggins. " Gandalf, my old friend," yelled LIMBO through the door, "an old lion called MGM has 'half' key to Bag End....please help me out of here...."

Will the old Lion MGM ever hand over the missing 'half' key to Bag End? Will the little hobbit burglar ever be able to start his new cinematic adventure in Middle-Earth? The apparently 'neverending' MGM saga does not show any sign of a resolution and could (just could) keep rumbling on for weeks (if not months) to come, keeping The Hobbit and the James Bond movies in LIMBO. Access Industries has dropped out of the bidding for MGM, leaving only Time Warner as a potential buyer reuters is reporting. Reputable sources close to MGM are also revealing that MGM will probably seek another extension for its debt payments in the hope for a solution to its financial position....an other extension? 'Sigh!' dear me...dear me....how long shall these people be given ? MGM carries debts of $3.7 billion , a library with more than 4,000 titles, the James Bond franchise, half of "The Hobbit" together with the famous logo, one old lion and a few more TV operations. I personally would like to see this saga end ....how long can a poor hobbit be locked away ? Pipe-weed and food (and patience) do not last forever you know....

(source: reuters)