31 May 2010

On A Very Sad Day In Middle-Earth Some Thoughts For Peter Jackson

Dear Peter, what does the future holds is not for us to know. There and back again, a hobbit's tale like it was before and will forever be. Hobbits are always been quite content to ignore and been ignored by the world of the 'big folks', often seen as of little importance and yet today we feel sad as The Hobbit movie production receives a huge blow in its already troubled life. The visionary talented man that was entrusted with the delivery of Middle-Earth has left. Guillermo Del Toro has walked away from the project sending shock waves all around the world and leaving Tolkien's fans and the movie industry wondering where do we go from here? Like Bilbo in Gollum's cave, we seem to have lost bearings and we are desperately trying to find a way out of these dark tunnels. The Hobbit 's heart has now been handed back in your caring hands Peter Jackson,Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens and my hope is that you will protect it from more harm. This morning, while these sad news are reaching me I also read Peter Jackson is not prepared to take full charge and will not direct The Hobbit. Deep down I still hope that you will Peter, because your passion and experience in Tolkien's work is unmatched in the movie industry. Who will do it now? Who will save my beloved Mr Bilbo Baggins from this dark cave? I have been trying very hard to find a name, a replacement, a man, a woman ready to pick up the pieces from where others have left; names keep coming into my mind, people that could do it but....but it will never be the same Middle-Earth. Please...please, don't tell me this superb project will be abandoned forever. To see a mediocre adaptation is not an option. To have a 'rushed-through' delivery is not an option. I dream of the enchantment of Middle-Earth as it comes across to me when I read Professor Tolkien's words. On this sad day for Middle-Earth I hope against all hopes that you will find that 'hobbitish' spirit and heart that guided you when you made The Lord of the Rings, Peter. I know all the odds stuck against me, but I still hope one day you will hold me by the hand, open the gates of Middle-Earth and take me there once more :*(

'Hobbitishy' Yours (as always)

Lei (Once Upon A Hobbit)