12 May 2010

Spread Your Wings And Let The Hobbit In You Fly! Bilbo's Double Is The World's Smallest Wingwalker

Size isn’t everything...unless you are a hobbit , of course and Kiran Shah is a 'natural halfling'. Kenyan-born Shan's resume' is a very long list of some of the most successful movies on the last decade. Staring as a stunt-man or double, Kiran Shah was the 'scale-double' for "Bilbo" and "Frodo" (he is 1.2 m/4ft 1in) in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and he is 'rumored', but almost certainly going to be involved in The Hobbit . Although incredibly small, Kiran loves to do 'BIG' things and he has just become the world's smallest wingwalker (source : metro.co.uk) by braving speeds of 120mph while strapped on the wings of a 1940s Boeing Spearman biplane for the ten-minute stunt. Kiran is one of the shortest professional stuntman currently working in film, due to his size and versatility Shah is much in high demand as a perspective stunt-double for long-shots in action scenes, and this is why I am almost sure we will see him in The Hobbit where several great action scenes involving Bilbo and the dwarvers are planned.