27 May 2010

Traffic Lights Confusion In Middle-Earth

You know when you are stuck on a traffic lights forever, you are really in a hurry and your eyes are fixed on the yellow light that seems to be there from the beginning of time. You are holding your steering wheel , tension raises....not quite Formula 1 but you are pretty sure this is how the racing cars drivers must be feeling at the start of a race. All was very quiet today when suddenly news started spreading on the Internet that The Hobbit had finally received the Official greenlight and production was about to start.

These rumours turned out not to be accurate and my (very chuppy) hobbitish sources are telling me tonight that The Hobbit has not received (yet) an 'official' greenlight but the hope is still for a November start. So sit back and relax, a bit of hobbitish music may help while we wait for this traffic light to turn green once and for all :)