26 May 2010

Will Bilbo's Journey Begin In November 2010 ?

What about November to start filming The Hobbit ? I know...I know...we had rumours before , hopes were raised then dashed and in the process I learned to be careful about any new speculation about our beloved Mr Bilbo Baggins appearing online however 'there is never smoke without fire' and maybe, just maybe this latest news found online is accurate enough. The website deadline.com had a chat (?) with Peter Jackson who has apparently told them that discussions about filming The Hobbit in 3D are continuing and that a meeting is planned for next month (June?) in new Zealand between all those involved , casting will then began for a November filming start. I have been thinking about this and I remembered that some of the actors that are been rumored or linked to The Hobbit are (just by chance?) going to be in New Zealand in June. Sir Ian McKellen is in Wellington as well as Bill Bailey and I have a feeling this is not just a coincidence , of course I could be wrong but it would be interesting to find out how many of those 'rumored' for The Hobbit are actually planing a visit to New Zealand soon. Now the question remains....who will be chosen (or has already been chosen) to be Bilbo Baggins? Let's the speculations begin and stay tuned as I will be in New Zealand in October on the search for first-hand news on one respectable hobbit, a few dwarwes, one dragon and one wizard :)