30 Jun 2010

Andy Serkis In 'Rise Of The Apes' - Because Monkey Around Is Cool.

Andy Serkis has been cast for the role of Cesar the monkey in 20th Century Fox's "Rise of the Apes" which is the prequel of the famous "Planet of the Apes". The movie is planed for release in June 2011, a year away from now with filming starting very soon. This project will see Andy Serkins work with Weta Digital. Weta's role will be to render photo-realistic apes for the production.

Although I am over the moon to learn Andy will star once more in a big movie, I can't help but wonder how this news will affect his role of Gollum in The Hobbit which I still hope will start filming at some point later this year (maybe...hopefully...welll keeping everything crossed here) . Maybe I just worry too much but The Hobbit movie's saga is like being on a never ending roller-coster ride, ups, downs, people yelling, and screaming, people jumping off because they had enough, etc etc....I am sure you got the point , still the end is not in sight. I like monkeys, I really do , they have hairy feet and funny faces but they are no hobbits. In wishing Andy all the best for new role, I shall sit here munching on a banana and wait and hope to have some 'good' news to report about The Hobbit :)

(source: Variety)