11 Jun 2010

Concerning Hobbits One Year On -Happy 1st Birthday Once Upon A Hobbit

And here I am, one year on and still talking about hobbits, Tolkien, Middle-Earth and more. It seems like only yesterday when I wrote my very first post yet one full year has passed and the Shire does feel more welcoming and homely then ever. Once Upon A Hobbit is very dear to me, just like a hobbit, it is simple and small but has a great heart. There is no point in great fanfare or celebrations so I shall keep this post 'short and sweet'. Thank you to all my readers , I hope you enjoyed my little hobbit ramblings as much as I enjoyed writing them. 'There and back again...' there is so much more to be told, tea and cake are always ready if you wish to come and visit :)

Now...where to begin (again) ...awww yes :