11 Jun 2010

The Hobbit Casting To Start Next Month According to Ian McKellen

Reports are reaching me that Sir Ian McKellen has been talking again about The Hobbit, this time with an Australian Radio Station (novafm.com.au). Sir Ian has revealed that casting for The Hobbit shall start next month (July?) and that fans should not worry as filming will most likely begin before the end of the year.

"The sets are ready, the script is ready and the movie is going to be cast this month. Fans are not to get worried. The films will get made and I suspect we'll start shooting at the end of this year." (Sir Ian McKellen to novafm.com.au)

If true this is a bit of a surprise so close to Del Toro departure that makes me speculate that Peter Jackson has indeed agreed to helm The Hobbit himself instead of finding a new director for the films. I shall be following developments, so stay tuned for more news as soon as they reach me.