7 Jun 2010

The Hobbit That Could Have Been But Will Not Be - Time To Move On!

The history of the world is not made of 'if' or 'but'. Looking back with hindsight it's easy but history will not change once it has been written, this argument is perfectly valid as far as The Hobbit movie and the decision by Guillermo Del Toro to step down as director are concern. Although his explanation for leaving The Hobbit was quite easy to understand in his departure statement, Del Toro felt the need to talk again about his decision on the message boards of TheOneRing.net. Reading through his new explanation I find myself a bit more confused then before about his decision to step down . When he originally signed to direct the adaptation of the much-loved Tolkien prequel of the Lord of the Rings he knew he was in for a long run and he had to relocate to New Zealand and back then he appeared to be very happy about it but yesterday he said:

“I’ve developed films for years and I have shot many a movie on location, but rarely do you relocate for such a massive amount of time, especially when you have to do major ironclad agreements to put in deep freeze other contractual obligations with multiple studios….”

Yes, well...ok, but one does know all of this before signing on a dotted line and tide himself to a film production, and back in the days when he announced he was to direct The Hobbit I remember him talking of a 'massive commitment and responsibility that can take many years' ...confused ? So am I. Things and relationships between the people working on The Hobbit definitely changed over the last few months due to a numbers of factors, mostly because of the never ending and ever worsening situation with the MGM studios that still own part of The Hobbit rights . MGM have been on the verge or bankruptcy for what feels like an eternity , holding major projects back including the latest James Bond movie and , of course, The Hobbit movies . I am really sad [but not surprised] at Del Toro departure, I even predicted it a few weeks back while talking with some friends. Things have been said, decisions have been made, Del Toro must now move on with his life and his career and I wish him well from the heart.

We will never see Middle-Earth through his eyes as he has chosen not to share that vision with us and maybe just maybe it was meant to be. Middle-Earth is not a brand new universe that has to be created from scratch, we have been there already through the eyes of Peter Jackson which is (and still remain) the only one that should take us there in my humble opinion. To be linked so closely to Tolkien's Legendarium, The Hobbit and Middle-Earth should be an honour , to be remembered as 'could have been but will not be' it is an other matter. The Hobbit will be made and years from now people will talk about Guillermo Del Toro as the guy that left The Hobbit just when it was ready to be filmed. Someone once said "Experience has taught me this, that we undo ourselves by impatience..." and I think he was right. Time to move on now :)