15 Jun 2010

MOST WANTED! Peter "The One Director To Rule Them All" Jackson

Wanted by everyone for helming The Hobbit. Last seen smoking his pipe somewhere in New Zealand . This is the man Tolkien's fans all over the world want and hope for so an extra effort should be made by the Studios that own The Hobbit's rights to hire him even if that means paying him a fair fee for his work. This is the face of the man MGM and New Line Cinema must aim for if they want The Hobbit to fill their pockets again as PJ has the 'Midas Touch' when it comes to Tolkien and Middle-Earth.

Talent and genius cannot be undervalued or overlooked , Sir Peter Jackson is a top class director which brought Middle-Earth to life for us before. Many years ago he had this crazy idea about translating Tolkien's work into movies and originally The Hobbit was going to be filmed first ...then he decided to go for 'the big one...or three' and gave us The Lord of the Rings Trilogy instead, won three Oscars and became a legend. C'mon....we cannot settle for anyone else now, it was meant to be him and I am quite sure Tolkien's fans would not go for anything less. The studios have a choice here and they should really consider it carefully as anyone else would at this point not very warmly received after Del Toro's departure. Big Studio folks must now be brave enough to understand that The Hobbit is going to give them a huge return ....but only with the right man (hobbit) in charge so invest a few moments in thinking. It will pay good interest :)