11 Jun 2010

Wear It With 'Hobbitish' Pride ! Weta New Hobbit Ears

Some great news that will make you smile with joy this morning , Weta Workshop has now some magnificent 'real' hobbit ears for sale and I really need a pair (or two) so they are now on the list of 'things-to-buy' when I travel to New Zealand later this year. Depending on which size best suit you, you can get now hold of Frodo's ears (which are smaller) or Samwise's ears (which are larger). The ears are based on the original molds created for Frodo Baggins (Elijah Woood's ) and Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin's) . I mean...this is really good news, it was about time because if there is something that a respectable hobbit cannot do without is a nice pair of ears . I shall wear mine with pride :)

Weta Hobbit Ears : Frodo Baggins (smaller)

Weta Hobbit Ears : Samwise Gamgee (larger)