30 Jul 2010

On How All Went Quiet About The Hobbit Movie....'Are We There Yet ?'

My dear hobbits....please do not think for one second I have forgotten about you or about my beloved Middle-Earth. Every new sunrise brings hope of news which lately are practically non existent on the making of The Hobbit movie. 'Why is that ?', I can hear you asking...' is this a good or bad sign ?' I do not have definitive answers but my hopes are pinned on the fact that Peter Jackson appears now to be in complete charge of the project and he is not one known for talking much about his work...especially on the Internet.

With the fate of The Hobbit so closely associated to the fate of MGM is no surprise all has gone very quiet after the Studios were granted a new extension for the payments of their huge debts, however I want to believe , ( knowing how Peter Jackson usually works), that things are happening behind the scenes and away from the eyes of the press. It is undeniable that the abrupt departure of Del Toro from The Hobbit and his hints this departure was (maybe) not only to blame on MGM financial troubles, is only adding fuel to wild speculations in Middle-Earth , was he pushed or was this a personal decision ? We will probably never know the full story but one thing is certain...one does not leave a project like The Hobbit lightly. With Peter Jackson now (allegedly) in command things will be (eventually) done although the date of 2012 for the release of the first part of The Hobbit is more and more unlikely every day that passes.

One of the reasons why Peter Jackson did not want to direct The Hobbit originally was that he did not want to go in competition with 'himself' after directing the epic The Lord of the Rings Trilogy , so for him personally to take charge of Middle-Earth once more is a mixed blessing, to be forever bound to Tolkien's world. Looking back we can say that maybe he should take charge from day one , The Hobbit would been probably delayed anyway, but at lest we would avoid all the drama, gossip, and speculations and problems the departure of Del Toro has generated. The Hobbit has not been lucky this far but this does not mean we will never go back to Middle-Earth again. I tell you what....It is time to have a proper look 'on location' therefore I shall be traveling to New Zealand very very soon. Can't promise you my journey will mark the beginning of The Hobbit filming, but at least you will be rewarded with a funny story of this little hobbit' greatest adventure to Middle-Earth ...and if Peter Jackson want to meet when I am there I shall be happy to share a cup of tea, and my best pipe-weed with him. 'Put the kettle on, Peter !' :)