14 Jul 2010

Ready...Steady...Cast ! Peter Jackson Meets Actors

In a week that has seen the James Bond movie cancelled and little or no proper news coming out from the wire concerning The Hobbit , I must admit I was preparing myself for some kind of doom and gloom announcement concerning hobbits...yet here it is (maybe) ...a little ray of sunshine in the Shire. According to THR, Peter Jackson is quietly meeting with potential cast members in Los Angeles, London and New York . Although the movie has not received a green-light yet, this news does surely come as a relief for all of us. Warner Bros. is ready to take complete charge of financing The Hobbit and the only thing stopping production is MGM which does own a part of The Hobbit's rights. Since Saturday Peter Jackson has been in Los Angeles working on getting together a big international cast for the movies but he has also express his concerns about timing and making clear to the studios he will not commit unless The Hobbit enters production/filming soon for a 2012 and 2013 releases. So we cannot relax yet, deals are still to be signed , until then The Hobbit remains in a very fragile state...but there is hope :)

(source: THR)