5 Jul 2010

Sir Ian McKellen : " My Time Is Running Out!"

A Wizard arrives precisely when he means to and he says precisely what he means to. In an interview with the Good Morning program in New Zealand Sir Ian McKellen has just confirmed his time is running out as far as The Hobbit movie (1 and 2) are concerned.

Well I’m not under contract and my time is running out and I’m enjoying working in the theatre and frankly, I would like to race after doing Waiting For Godot, get on with doing another play but we’ll have to see. I don’t give the producers the impression that I’m sitting waiting.  - (Sir Ian McKellen)

Lets make one thing very clear...a director can be replaced and it is really irrelevant which Studio does end up financing the project but without Ian McKellen (Gandalf) there will be no going back to Middle-Earth. A few weeks ago, while talking with friends about the movie I remember mentioning that Sir Ian was not going to sit and wait forever....and I was right. He is the greatest Tolkien's fan of all, he adored his role as Gandalf and he is ready to do it once more time but how long can we honestly expect him to wait? He is not getting any younger and can't just sit around waiting for a phone to ring. That's it...this is kind of the last straw really, if we lose him there will be no going back to Middle-Earth and forevermore The Hobbit will be remembered as the greatest movie (NEVER) made