25 Aug 2010

A Bit More On Billy Boyd - Or How Easily Things A Hobbit Say Are Taken Out Of Contest On The Internet

Do you remember I told you the other day that Billy Boyd had no money after reading the news on the Iternet ? I just found out this is indeed not correct , Billy's quote (form a much longer interview) was taken completely out of contest, and as often on the Internet, the 'Chinese whispers' that followed on many other websites/blogs , was blown out of proportion. So here is the REAL story , directly from No.1 Magazine.co.uk which was (I discovered) the original source of Billy's quote about money. Billy was born in Glasgow, Scotland where he graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where he earned a diploma in Dramatic Arts, but also worked as a book-binder for 7 years, Curiously one of the book he did bind was Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings , a few years later he was to become Peregrin 'Pippin' Took in Peter Jackson's Epic Trilogy. Billy is a talented musician and even wrote the melody for the song 'The Edge of Night' which features in The Return of the King.

As he prepares for a U.K. tour of Sunshine on Leith-The Musical, he had the chance to have a chat with No.1 Magazine.co.uk about his past and future work, his wonderful family, his life in Scotland and more. To a direct question about the money he made while working on The Lord of the Rings , Billy explain that at the time he was an unknown actor ,'we did it for peanuts, and for food.' which is the quote that was taken out of contest. The fact that he did not make any money from The Lord of the Rings, does not mean he is broke as other sites/blogs are reporting.

Always remember Peter Jackson's view on the the World Wide Web : 'Never ever believe what you read on the Internet!' I strongly advise you to go on No.1 Magazine.co.uk and read the full interview with Billy because there is so much more there about our favorite hobbit. One of the thing I admire most about Billy is that he made the choice to keep living with his family in Scotland, the place where is was born and that he loves. It is not always easy for an actor to live away from Los Angeles or London but Billy puts the happiness of his family before anything else. Billy Boyd is a wonderful person (hobbit), talented actor and great family man and even is it turns out he has 'a dime or two' he still has all my love. Sweet of a Took! :)

Billy Boyd full interview on No.1 Magazine.co.uk

'The Edge of Night' (Great Cover) Words by J.R.R.Tolkien- Melody by Billy Boyd