16 Aug 2010

Hobbiton Reborn (but not yet completed)

Just a few word this evening on the work-in-progress on the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand. Yesterday I came across some pictures on the Internet taken in the last 2 weeks on the site showing some incredible transformation, the old white boards are gone and in their place , fully finished and beautifully crafted hobbit homes, complete with brick chimneys and little fences. Now not all the holes are complete , but some are and judging by the pictures I've seen most of the holes should be completed in the next two or three months (maybe even less).

  Tonight I am learning from The Dominion Post that , although there are still no 'official' words on this, it is understood that Peter Jackson will direct The Hobbit, news that does not come as a surprise to us ; more interestedly however is the fact that some of the CGI (computer-generated imagery) experts that worked on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy have arrived in Wellington. A spokesman for Peter Jackson have made very clear however, that there are still no words on when or how the production of The Hobbit movie will begin. Peter Jackson and his team 'remain positive' but there are no official green-light for production to begin, nor an 'official' director or a full cast. Matamata District Council did grant permission for work to begin on Hobbiton Movie Set last year with he understanding filming was scheduled for 10 to 15 days in January or February next year, with 350 people on set, but this cannot be confirmed until The Hobbit receives a green-light from the studios. The good news is that apparently these structures will be permanent this time. After filming Hobbiton should remain complete for visitors to enjoy. Still to be built are the Green Dragon pub, watermill, bridge, jetty, Bag End, Bag Shot Row and Bag End Tree, so there is quite a bit yet to go before completion. I am very much looking forward to my visit to Hobbiton in few weeks time ...it is always good to go back home once in a while :)