8 Aug 2010

Once Upon A Hobbit Now Also On Tumblr

Dearest readers, followers and hobbit friends, as you know lately we are experiencing a frustrating lack of 'real' news concerning The Hobbit movie so while we wait for the news to start flowing again and I prepare for my greatest adventure in Middle-Earth, (I'll be in New Zealand at the end of September), I decided that the time has come for Once Upon A Hobbit to expand a little. Tumblr is a new blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog which is a short-form blog. From today you will be also able to follow Once Upon A Hobbit on Tumblr where I will be sharing with you all thoughts, photos, art, music, little notes and more concerning hobbits, Middle-Earth and more. The new Tumblr site will run together with Once Upon A Hobbit main site where news and important fact about The Hobbit movie will be posted as soon as they are reaching me. Looking forward to welcome you on our new mini-blog and share with you :)