25 Aug 2010

Still Uncertainty On The Hobbit - Peter Jackson Talks About His Dreams and Hopes

The Hobbit movie is still shrouded in uncertainty although a resolution should be 'reached soon' according to the latest news coming directly from Peter Jackson. In a long chat with The Dominion Post, P.J. is hopeful for some news about The Hobbit movie in the next few weeks. As we stand, The Hobbit has no 'official' Director and all work has stalled while the MGM's debts saga is dragging on. In the meantime, Jackson talks about his dream to make a movie about the Anzacs (Australia and New Zealand Army Corp), a project that has been close to his heart for many years. Although The Hobbit movie is and still remains in 'limbo', a few auditions are still taking place which gives me some hope . The next deadline for MGM's debts repayment is in September, and my guess would be that we shall know by then what the future holds for our very unlucky The Hobbit.

(source: The Dominion Post/Stuff.co.nz)