23 Aug 2010

UPDATED: Sweet Of A Took ! Billy Boyd Has No Money ...But He Has All My Love!

My favorite hobbit and Scotsman has recently revealed (Yahoo Movies U.K.) he has no money despite starring as sweet Peregrin 'Pippin' Took in one of the greatest movies ever. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy made over £2 billions since it's release. Billy calls himself a "struggling actor ".

"I don't have any money. We were unknown actors. We did it for peanuts, and for food." (Yahoo Movies U.K. )

There is however no bitterness or regret in his frank statement about his finances and career prospect , and he is at peace with the thought that the role of Pippin in Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien greatest novel, will most likely be the biggest film he ever stared in. 'Never say never' my sweet hobbit - although you may not be as wealthy of successful as some of the other main cast actors from The Lord of the Ring, you have my love and respect for giving a wonderful face and a great heart to my favorite hobbit. Money comes and goes, bank accounts gets big and then small ...but 'once a hobbit...always a hobbit'! You'll never be alone 'Sweet of a Took', fans of Tolkien and of the Trilogy all over the world will always be there for you ...and I'll be the first in line :)

(source: Yahoo Movies U.K.)