26 Sep 2010

Actor's Unions tell members to boycott The Hobbit movie

What is it with this particular movie ? Every time we seem close to a resolution of some sort, something comes up which throw shadows and doubts over the whole production again.I am learning from The Hollywood Reporter that things are not going as smoothly as I would hope with The Hobbit movie . Actors Guilds from all over the world, including SAG and AFTRA, and several others have issued an alert :"members are advised not to accept work on this non-union production." This alert comes after MGM/New Line apparently refused to come to some agreement with the New Zealand unit of an Australian actors union. The Hobbit movie has not 'officially' received a green-light (which is probably why the producers cannot enter any contract with the unions), however preparation for filming are actively continuing in New Zealand, and casting offers to actors are said to be 'imminent'. THR is reporting that this labour dispute has been going on for several weeks with letters exchanges between the International Federation of Actors (FIA), Australia’s MEAA, and others complaining that the producers have refused to sign a union contract, which prompted Actors Unions in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia to issue their members with a strong-worded alert on Friday. MGM , New Line and The Hobbit production have not commented on the situation. This kind of 'Do Not Work!" guidelines to actors are not a new occurrence, however it is very rare for a major production like The Hobbit to be be targeted. No matter how positive and upbeat we try to be, The Hobbit production seems to be jinxed...Bilbo is sad.