13 Sep 2010

Billy Boyd is hoping for a 'small scene' in The Hobbit

The guys of entertainment.stv.tv had the chance to chat with Billy Boyd about The Hobbit movie. Of course we all know that the character of Pippin was not born when the events of The Hobbit takes place, so sadly we would not see Billy again...right? Maybe not, but Billy is still hoping for a phone call from New Zealand :

'Knowing Pete, and if we are all free...we may show up as each other's fathers or something..in a sort of...you know...a quick scene. I hope we do something like that but I certainly could not reprise Pippin, because he wouldn't be born.' (Billy Boyd)

Now, this is not the first time members of the original cast of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy express their wish of working together again , in New Zealand under the direction of Peter Jackson, and talks of some kind of 'bridge scene' to link The hobbit to it's sequel remains a dream and a hope many fans cherish. Billy Boyd, gracious and wonderful as ever conclude the interview with the most heart-felt statement about Peter Jackson. You are a star Billy! :)

'To work for Peter Jackson again ?...Yes, I would not need to read the script. If he ask me to work in any of his movies I'll be there!' (Billy Boyd)

source : entertainment.stv.tv