24 Sep 2010

Calling All Hobbits - No Shoes Required

You always need a few spare hobbits ready, just in case. Better be prepared The Hobbit movie could start production at any time between now and January 2011. BBC news is reporting that a casting call has been issued by Peter Jackson's Wingnut Films in New Zealand. Casting call is for men 123cm (4ft) to 158cm (5ft 2ins) tall and women measuring 123cm to 153cm (5ft), applicants 'must' be over 16 years of age and meet the height requirements, to be able to take part. . The movie is yet to receive the 'green-light' from the Studios, but things are clearly moving in the background. This casting call is for 'scale doubles', and further auditions for 'extras' will be held at a latter date. This round of auditions will take place Sunday at the National Dance and Drama Centre in Wellington, New Zealand.