7 Sep 2010

Did Martin Freeman 'really' turn down Bilbo Baggins ?

This morning the news is all about Martin Freeman and how my first choice to play Bilbo Baggins has (apparently) turned down the lead role offered to him by Peter Jackson. As always with every news about The Hobbit movie, this new revelation by an 'unspecified' source is spreading like wild fire across the Internet. So why do I feel a bit sceptical about it ? Maybe is because it comes from The Sun, or maybe because, in my heart I am still hoping to see Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Let's analyze The Sun article to understand exactly what the newspaper is claiming....first thing first, the article opens by stating that 'loyal' (strange choice of word ) Martin Freeman has turned down a seven-figure salary to play Bilbo in order to keep playing as Dr. Watson in the TV series 'Sherlock'. The article continues stating that the offer came too late for Martin Freeman as he had already signed for an other series of 'Sherlock' episodes next year, pointing out that to turn down the role of Bilbo was one of the most difficult decision Freeman had to take in his life....I bet it was, c'mon Martin Freeman...we are talking about Bilbo Baggins in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel adaptations , surely one could find a way out of contract with ' Sherlock' , surely you must know that this could be the best chance of your life as an actor. I cannot believe that anyone would turn down Bilbo and the chance to work with Peter Jackson on what will be an other 'epic' production. Talking from the heart, Martin...I've been a strong supporter of you as Bilbo since last year, I am convinced you are the best man/hobbit for the job, and deep down you know that too. Now, please (if you still have time) reconsider, and give Peter Jackson a call in New Zealand.

So this 'unspecified' source also told The Sun that now the hunt for Bilbo is again on and that Peter Jackson is now looking for a 'for a hidden gem' . That gem is still called 'Martin' in my heart....sorry to see you walking away from a dream :(

(source: The Sun)