10 Sep 2010

Neill Blomkamp will direct The Hobbit ? (news coming out of New Zealand)

flicks.co.nz is reporting that South African/Canadian director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) will helm The Hobbit movie. Really....? Mmmh tell you what, I keep remembering Peter Jackson's mantra while reading this latest apparent scoop : 'Never believe what you read on the Internet' . It is my personal opinion that The Hobbit is so important and valuable for MGM and New Line Cinema for them to be happy to hire such a young and relatively unknown director. Then again, I might just be wrong, maybe hard financial times call for difficult choices. Would his style fit The Hobbit ? Would he be able to follow in Peter Jackson's steps and deliver the same epic Middle-Earth? My hobbit's heart is telling me he would not be as good ...but my hobbit's head is reminding me that Peter Jackson's input would still be there as a producer ...but would that be enough to deliver the same epic awesomeness of The Lord of the Rings ? Blomkamp has been linked to The Hobbit since June, when fansite theonering.net first mentioned District 9 director as a possible candidate to take over Guillermo del Toro, after his abrupt departure. Just an other rumor or the truth ? You decide.