29 Oct 2010

Sexiest dwarves ever ! Well, next to Dopey and Grumpy, and one cute hobbit

And so (as I said a looooong time ago) very talented and incredibly cute British actor Martin Freeman will be Mr Bilbo Baggins of Bag End on the Hill. I am so glad that after months...well, years of speculations, Peter Jackson picked Martin to play the leading role in The Hobbit because I personally think he is the best man to play a hobbit on a greatest adventure. With the movie finally 'good-to-go' for filming very soon, Peter Jackson has also started talking about some of the actors that will play the dwarves in the cinematic adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien's beloved novel...and here a few surprises as some of these guys will be the sexiest dwarves on a big screen since Dopey & Co. Leicester-born,British actor Richard Armitage will be the face of "...a very important dwarf..." , Thorin Oakenshield which promise to be a very popular dwarf with the ladies.

And if Thorin was not good-looking enough, enter Fili and Kili, played respectively by Irish actor Aidan Turner and English actor Rob Kazinsky, and here I am already wondering how much make-up will be use to make these very handsome actors looking like a bunch of dwarves...remember Gimli ? No one could even dream of such a very attractive bunch of dwarves...not even Snow White. Wait...there is more....Scottish actor Graham Mc Tavish (perfect choice) will be the face of Dwalin and has already my vote as the most handsome dwarf in the Company. Other confirmed roles so far are New Zealand actors Stephen Hunter as Bombur, John Callen as Óin, son of Gróin, and Peter Hambleton as Glóin. This is it for the evening, more names will be announced soon so stay tuned for more