29 Oct 2010

Well, I am back !

Still jet-lagged after almost 30 hours sitting on planes, one (very busy) month in New Zealand, over a thousand photos, and memories to last me a life-time...as old Samwise once said :'Well, I am back !' You probably know the last 30 days or so have been full of events and drama surrounding The Hobbit movie, for sure it's been a very busy time in New Zealand. I was there witnessing the unfolding events and discovering 'Middle-earth', and understanding how vital this movie production is for the country as a whole, forcing the national government and Prime Minister John Key to take firm action to keep the movie in New Zealand by passing an emergency bill to clarify the position of contractors within the film industry. These new laws are somehow controversial and not supported by everybody, with some claiming the government of N.Z. is playing a 'political game' and bending to big overseas investment and pressure in order to silence the actors union and discontent.

True of the matter is that The Hobbit movie is essential to boost the whole of the economy of this small country emerging from a global recession. So all is good, Middle-earth as we remember it from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy will soon be back. Martin Freeman has been confirmed for the leading role of Bilbo Baggins and I am very glad I can say..."I told you so" back in April, although I knew for a while he was the first choice for Bilbo. As for little me...well, I am back from New Zealand where I had a fantastic time, touring the whole country, visiting places connected with Middle-earth, including Hobbiton, Edoras, Rivendell, and many many more. I discovered that New Zealand is much more then movie sets, it is truly a beautiful country, welcoming and clean and it was a great honour for me to be able to meet some very special people there. So our journey through Middle-earth continues on Once Upon A Hobbit. A special thanks...kia ora to Red Carpet Tours for a great vacation, and to Weta Workshop, and WingNut Films for their kindness.