8 Nov 2010

Forever Hogwarts ! Warner Bros. creating a state-of-the-art permanent UK film production base

Allowed me to rejoice this evening . Great news for the movie industry in the United Kingdom. Both books were written by British authors. Both stories were inspired by the incredible charm and beauty of Great Britain. Both became international best-sellers and both were made into blockbuster movies. Only one of these two stories, however, will see a happy-ending in the country where it was created. After announcing that The Hobbit movie will be filmed in New Zealand a few days ago, Warner Bros. has just announced that it has bought Leavesden Studios, outside London, and will be spending £100m redeveloping the site into a state-of-the-art film making centre in the UK.

"Our multi-million pound investment in creating a state-of-the-art, permanent UK film production base further demonstrates our long-term commitment to the skills and creativity of the UK film industry." said Barry Meyer, the studio's chairman and CEO.

This is incredibly good news for the UK film making industry as it will create over 300 new jobs, and transform London in one of the biggest European movie making hubs. Many recent Warner Bros. UK productions were made at Leavesden Studios in the last few years, including all eight Harry Potter films. This move by Warner Bros. does mean also that forevermore the United Kingdom will be Hogwarts. The Wizard is here to stay! As part of the new studios development, a special exhibition of the original movies sets will be built , Potter fans will be able to admire movies memorabilia. in the same place where the movies were made. Warner Bros. will also open behind-the-scenes tours to the public. Work should be completed by 2012 , so if you can't make to New Zealand for The Hobbit , you can always jump on a train and be in Hogwarts for a magical tour before lunch time :)