26 Nov 2010

The Hobbit Movie - Progress From Set

The Hobbit movie is featured in Total Film UK magazine (January issue) - A brief history of the events so far, the cast and Hobbiton. Not many new' news but there are some nice aerial photos of Hobbiton movie set. The images were taken a few weeks before I visited Hobbiton , when I was there work was completed on most of the hobbit holes, and Bag End was receiving the 'finishing touches'. Orchards, flowers, and hobbit fruit trees were already planted. Sam and Rosie's home was ready. Work was still taking place at the Green Dragon across the Water, but the bridge was up and the Mill was almost completed (the water wheel was already on location but not in position). All visitor visiting Hobbiton movie set are asked to sign a 'non disclosure agreement' preventing them from publishing the photos they take, and this is why I am not able to share with you my photographs. As soon as the 'photo embargo' is lifted I will share wit you :)