1 Nov 2010

Middle-earth Inside The Heart

I've been asking this very important question to myself in the last few weeks...'where is Middle-earth ?' After much thinking , I believe I did find the answer ...Middle-earth is inside my heart! My love and passion for Tolkien's work and my great respect for this remarkable man are the driving force behind Once Upon A Hobbit which is indeed, dedicated to his memory. To read Tolkien, to understand the meaning of his words, to learn about his legendarium and appreciate art, music and poetry inspired by it. I, like many others around the world, also love Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made.

Peter Jackson is going to take us back to 'his' Middle-earth soon, The Hobbit movie will start filming in a few months time as one of the most expensive and awaited production in history , from now on, every little bit of news coming out of New Zealand concerning this movie will be broadcasts to the world many times over while anticipation grows....do we really need to know everything ? Remember how you felt the first time you saw The Lord of the Rings without knowing much about the details/cast/locations and what was going on during filming ? A week after The Hobbit movie received the green-light, there is a kind of frenzy surrounding Middle-earth, to me it feels like a laud cacophony of noise have replaced the peaceful silence of a green forest - please forgive me if I don't join the bandwagon of noise , I am a hobbit and as such I like the peace and quiet of my little Bag End. Of course I'll keep you informed of all the latest from set (when I can do so) but I solemnly promise that I will not spoil the magic of Middle-earth for you. :)

Hobbitishly Yours

Leilani Amorey 'Sweetrose' Took