2 Nov 2010

Oops...what about the wizard ? Sir Ian McKellen still not signed for The Hobbit

Oops...did forget about one very important wizard ? In an interview with broadwayworld.com, Sir Ian McKellen has confirmed he is not under contract to reprise the role of Gandalf in The Hobbit movie.

QUESTION: Are you involved in THE HOBBIT?

Ian McKellen: I am not under contract, no.

So in the excitement and frenzy of the last few days...did we forget the most important wizard in Middle-earth ? I am wondering what's going on , and knowing how keen Sir Ian was to reprise Gandalf until a few months ago, this latest revelation by him comes as a bit of a surprise. There must be much more that he is not telling but one can almost read between the lines that there are some unresolved contractual issues. Pressed once more on his future roles in any movies, Sir Ian explains he is open for offers for 2011. You can re-build a movie set, you can gear up some dwarves, and give a fresh coat of paint to Bag End....but you can't re-create the 'magic' of Middle-earth without Gandalf/ Sir Ian. Will follow this development closely in the hope of good news soon.

(source : broadwayworld.com)